NOTICE: Rules have been revised, to be more in line with the game. "Gold" has been taken out entirely.

The Dragon Force RPG is designed with tabletop play in mind, though other mediums may be used. Unlike most RPG's, it does not revolve around a small group of adventurers, as in D&D and other similar games. Instead, the players take the roles of rulers who lead grand armies into war against each other.

The new rules: A version of the rules that hopefully makes sense.

Trooptype.txt: Each troop type, their attack/defense, and strengths.

Generals.txt: Each kind of general, and their spells, and their stats.

Spells.txt: The spells of the game.

Starting Out: A quick(er) overview of the game, shown by having Bob and Calob fight a war. (Note: Outdated by current rules, taken down until an updated version comes along and/or I change the rules again.)