A long, long time ago (Something like a few months), Gary decided he was gonna run an RPG based on the Final Fantasy universe. Thus Final Fantasy Revolution was born. I was intrigued by this universe, and wrote some documentation on it, which I later discarded as being "pedantic" and "Unneccessarily clunky information" (Though Jennifer Diane Reitz gets away with it very well). I created a character who was named "Calob" because all my first char's are called "Calob". I wrote his introduction. I wrote his introduction, and later decided to rename him Nash because I was on a Trigun binge at the time. Then I came up with Michael. I wrote his introduction. Then I decided to add in two more characters: Kyle and Salina. Their introductions are pending.

Somewhere along the line the FFR RPG fell through for the same reasons everything else falls through: Lack of attention. I took the world and ran with it, though. These are the results.

Nash D. Trample, a white mage for hire.

Michael Gilchrist, a pyromaniacal alchemist.

Kyle Lightwind, an incarnation of FF7's Cid.

Salina Kinomoto, A summoner/black mage who will NOT become a love intrest due to being 14 years old.

Nash's intro.

Michael's intro.