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These are links to my friend's webpages.

is a MUD, essentially a text-based Everquest. It's hand-coded by Kerith/Gelu/Paul, and is currently under construction, so don't complain too much if you can't kill stuff.

The chat-based role playing game run by Darrin/Sotai. Entirely of original concept. Currently in preproduction stages, and accepting players.

Sailor Moon: Silent Chronicles Is an MBRPG which doesn't really have much in common with Sailor Moon anymore (99% original characters). Co-run by Avian/Gary/Zelphin/Veltim.

Eidolon Keeper RPG. Run by Avian/Gary/Zelphin/Veltim. A spin on a Sailor Moon RPG.

Read these comics, or I shall hurt you.

Sluggy Freelance.
The comic that has pretty much run the gamut between bad puns and gags and more serious storylines.

Bruno the Bandit.
What would be a normal swords and sorcery comic is riff with anachronisms and other such things. Leans more towards gags than any sort of seriousness.

Chopping Block.
Gag strip about a serial killer's life. Unique art style: Sponges, X-acto knives, and other assorted goodies.

potpourri strip: about a half dozen or so different actual strips under one name. This is one of my favs.

Ashfield Online, AKA ?.
Gag strip about a mad scientist's life.

User Friendly.
Unix strip. If you don't know what Unix is, I'm not sure you should bother. I particularly like their song parodies.

Kevin and Kell.
Anthromorphic (aka furry) strip. mildly serious. Known for its literal interpretations of internet lingo.

Dragon Tails.
The dragons used to have such simple names (The ones that had names, anyway) like Brainy, Bluey, Enigma, and Goldy. Then the rest of them get names like Lemuel, Abijar, Cornelius, and Corlis. In addition to the dragons is a psychotic squirrel, a robot, and a cat. Only once in a while is it truly serious.

RPG world.
A full-page style comic that's occassionally serious and otherwise a mockery of console RPG's.

A comic that's rarely serious and otherwise a mockery of consoler RPG's.

Ozy and Millie.
An anthro comic that's a lot like Calvin and Hobbes.

A strange one, this is. Usually, minimalist comics refer to the art, but in this case, the world is very minimalist. The author is his own godlike character.

8-bit Theatre.
Very popular, though usually not accessable. If you know what the Slashdot effect is, this is like it all the time... Known as a sprite comic for having ripped the characters off of final fantasy 1.

Absurd Notions.
It dabbles in the subjects of webmastery, tabletop RPG's, abstract art, abstract computer programs, and the evils of telemarketing. One of the more realistic strips out there.

Boxjam's Doodle.
It looks like it was drawn with a sharpie. Boxjam wears muu-muus and drives a boat because muu-muus and boats are easy to draw. A step up in minimalist art from what I do.

Take one otaku who's been playing too many dating sims, another otaku who likes to shoot zombies, put them in Tokyo, and you get Megatokyo. It balances the two personalities very well.

Mac Hall.
A college strip. Inventors of such ideas as "Shirtless o' clock" and "Australian indoor-rules Quiddich."

Penny Arcade.
Gaming strip. Popular. Not exactly the pinnacle of intelligence.

Real Life.
Well, not really. Their computers are sentinent, for one thing.

Bob the Angry Flower.
Surreal. Here's Bob's quick guide to the apostrophe, you idiots.

Unicorn Jelly.
Hoo boy could I go on about this one. From the main page: Unicorn Jelly is a philosophical science fiction manga strip which tells a metaphoric and purposeful story with a definitive beginning and ending. It is published every weekday at Midnight. It may be a little too deep/serious for some, despite (in spite of?) the banner. Jennifer Diane Reitz is the most eccentric woman I know of.

Semi-anthro, mostly gag strip.

Bob and George.
Megaman sprite strip, hosting a myriad of other similar strips.

Snail Dust.
Wierd. Reminds me of my lunchtime conversations.

The Primer Chronicles.
Another Megaman sprite comic. Updates irregularly.

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