This was a little ditty I thought up as an improfanfic starter. The origin of the title should be obvious: A play on Of Mice and Men, with the acronym D&D. All three of these pieces were written before the sixth starter contest (The one in which it entered) was even announced. The contest ended, I lost, oh well. The copies are still here if anyone cares.

Oh, and since the starters had to be formatted to 80 character width, they're left as .txt files and probably look best on a 800x600.

Of Dice and Dens. The original version, the "Rough Draft" so to speak, and the one I sent in to be considered as a starter, because of its nature: Unlike the other two, this one was of a serial nature, and the campaign could be continued.

Of Dice and Dens: Remix. Dissatisfied with my first efforts, I wrote this, with an episodic nature in mind: There would be a new scenario every day. When contest time came, I broke down and sent in the original, serial version.

Of Dice and Dens: Compilation. The original piece weighed in at about 25k. The remix was roughly half that. I was actually aiming for something closer to 50k, but even when I combined the first two it still only came out at about 25k. As it turns out, I needn't have bothered: The two other entries for my category ("Workshopped," where authors write rough drafts, get commentary, and rewrite a final copy) were 23k and 9k. This is a compilation of the first two, which means two scenarios in one chapter. I later decided it didn't read very well, and dropped it.